Large Lunchbox Labels – Suit Tupperware Sandwich Keeper and Regluar Yumbox


Large Lunchbox Labels, measuring up to 8 inches in length and up to 5 inches tall*, these labels include both first and last names

Perfect size for most lunchbox manufacturers, including Tupperware Sandwich Keeper Plus and Regular Yumbox, although these are completely customisable and can be resized to fit all lunchbox sizes.

For your font and colour selections, please use the dropdown boxes below…
The textbox is available for you to type in the ‘description’ of your label**
eg, Ethan Nennas or Cooper Lee-Jones
**please ensure the spelling is correct as this is what will be used to create your labels

*NB: depending on font chosen and the amount of characters/letters required in name/words of the labels, the letter size will vary, making no 2 labels the same

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